Our Mission

The mission of Haiti Plunge, Inc. is to educate, challenge and empower both American and Haitian youth in social, educational and agricultural sustainable development in rural Haiti. The organization is committed to enabling young people to make a difference with their lives and be of service to others.   

The Haiti Plunge Inc. sends eight teams to Haiti annually. 70% of every team are students, who areassisted by Haiti Plunge staff, medical personnel and various professionals or skilled workers.

2020 Teams


2019 Teams

April: Trenton Andrews, Jocelyn Andrews, Don Rochelo, Susan Warren, Ian Warren, Daniel Warren, Thomas Warren, Larry Potvin, AJ Morrissette, Molly Champney, Emma Desormeaux

June: Holly Boudreau, Zoe Daughtery, Jacy Howland, Omar Uqdah, Chase Vanderwoude, Maddie Nesbit, Larry Potvin



2018 Teams

February: Taylor Cornell, Alex Daughtery, Zoe Daughtery, Omar Uqdah, Katana DeJesus, Emma Baron-Pinkowski, Catherine Hadro, Mary Macdonald, Michael Senecal, Lauren Jacobbe, Katherine Wilson

March MCLA Team: Abigail Walsh, Nicholas Bassett, Caitlyn Hunt, Sydney Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Katherine Howe, Julianne Clarke, Celine Mangbas, Lindsey Vachorn, Sabrina Superneau-Gilman, Spencer Moser, Holly Bradley, Scott Lord

April: Nicole Castro-Saab, Jocelyn Andrews, Trenton Andrews, Jenah Janz, David Janz, Brian Czarnecki, Avery Rashdorf, Don Rochelo

June: Sarah Hunt, Sarah Khoudary, Samantha Khoudary, Josh Khoudary, Shannon Russell, Lucas Russell, Therese Allen, Rob Allen, Kellie Caughorn, Sheridan Caughorn, Katie Currie

November: Sydney Walt, Laurah Lurkin, Susan Yates-Mulder, Ruth Harrison, Nancy Clark

 2017 Teams

February: Nate Reed, Briere Mutti, Nishant D'Souza, Brady Larkin, Taylor Cornell, Bridget Fontaine, Emma Baron-Pinkowski, Gabrielle Fabreau, Samantha ElSaddik

March MCLA Team:Abby Walsh, Katie Howe, Caitlyn Hunt, Milena Casamassima, Henrietta Koramoah, Spencer Moser, Ali Melchionna 

March Elms College Team: Alex Ciskowski, Meghan Salisbury, Edwin Burgos, Lexi Griffin, Hollie Downer, Sophia Marciano  

April: Kat Wilson, Maggie Kratovil, Anna MacDonnell, Mary MacDonnell, Sara Udell, Meghan Swanson

June: AJ Morrissette, Will Morrissette, Nate Reed, Brittany Green, Jenah Janz, Jade Phair, Staci Segalla, Don and Donna Rochelo

 2016 Teams

January: Kayla Albano, Barrent Pease, Jean Joseph Brice, Anita Curtin, Julia Whitney 

February: Max Daugherty, Staci Segalla, Susan Moesley, Mike Paige, Jon Boland, Maggie Rorke, Nate Reed, Sam El Saddik, Alex Daugherty, Matt Alcombright, Kevin Boisjolie, Brendan Stenwick 

March: Greg Surgenor, Gina Surgenor, Katie Candiloro, Emily Paro 

April: Nishal D'Souza, Anna MacDonnell, Mary MacDonnell, Avery Raschdorf, Sarah Raschdorf, Emily Coughlin, Sydney Walt

August: Amelia Kennedy, AJ Morrissette, Shannon Mutty, Meghan Salisbury

2015 Teams

January: Logan Skole, Cayleigh Russell, Jackie Boino, Joel Harris

February:Joe Lomba, Paul Sterritt, Jon Mack, Emily Coughlin, Megan Senecal, Fr. Matt Alcombright, Anna MacDonnell, Sydney Walt, Peter Maziarz, Emma Baron-Pinkowski

March: Greg Surgenor, Connie Cuccurese, Samantha Dabek, Ryan Cotrupi, Emily Paro, Kayla Albano, Jordan Oehler

April: Avery Raschdorf, Anita Curtin, Marissa Bibbo, Sarah Raschdorf, Isabelle Anderson, Faith Pryzybycien, Julia Whitney, Missy Marchetti, Nick Raschdorf, Alex Ciskowski, Joe Swanson, Mike Marchetti

June: Staci Segalla, Angela O'Neil, Jim Thomas, Amanda Masoero, Ben Wampler

August: Jen Mastrangelo, Angela MacDonald, Shannon Mutty, Meghan Salisbury, Megan Shulse, Lydia Mastrangelo, Sofia Lopez, A.J. Morrissette