Our Mission

The mission of Haiti Plunge, Inc. is to educate, challenge and empower both American and Haitian youth in social, educational and agricultural sustainable development in rural Haiti. The organization is committed to enabling young people to make a difference with their lives and be of service to others.   

The Haiti Plunge
This group is hiking up to the waterfalls for a shower. The experiences from your trip will last a lifetime, build character and enhance your skills.

Haiti Plunge forms and schedule:

 We are currently accepting applications for the following trips:

2019 Team Trip:   

 Dec 28- Jan 6   



2020 Team Trips:

February 14-23                                  March 7-14 or 14-22                             April 17-26

HS/College                                         College                                                    HS

June 28-July 7                                 August 7-16

HS/College                                        HS/College

Two other trips are being considered during December Break and an adult trip in October, if you are interested in either of these two, please send in your application and indicate the trip where the other dates are listed.