Our Mission

The mission of Haiti Plunge, Inc. is to educate, challenge and empower both American and Haitian youth in social, educational and agricultural sustainable development in rural Haiti. The organization is committed to enabling young people to make a difference with their lives and be of service to others.   

The Haiti Plunge
Support us by serving on a team in Haiti, by assisting us with our organizational work, or by donating.

Support The Haiti Plunge

Support the Haiti Plunge by volunteering to serve on a team in Haiti, by assisting us with our organizational work, or by donating.

We welcome donations of any size. Some examples of what a donation can help us achieve:

  • $100 sends a child to primary school for a year. Donors receive a photo and a biography of the child they sponsor. 
  • $275 builds a raised garden for a woman and her family
  • $300 will purchase materials to cement a classroom floor

Click HERE to learn more about what it means to sponsor a child.

Haiti Plunge is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit which receipts all donations for tax purposes. 

Checks can be made out to Haiti Plunge Inc. and mailed to:
The Haiti Plunge, Inc. • P.O. Box 376, Adams, MA  01220

Donations can also made through our website's Paypal Account:

Student Sponsorship

The children in these photos represent over a hundred children in our mountain villages who are waiting for a school sponsor. 

Truck Fundraising

The Haiti Plunge, Inc. (HPI) is fundraising to replace its Toyota truck which has been rebuilt with replacement parts for the last time. It's an off road vehicle that dares to go where no one else will go, into the depths of the Haitian bush where roads are non-existent. HPI has been working with the same nine bush villages for over thirty years and the truck is the life-line to our survival. It transports our six to eight annual teams and equipment to the people living in these remote villages. A combination of dirt roads, rocks, steep inclines, harsh weather, heavy loads and countless popped tires have worn it out. Every part of it has been replaced at least once. Automobile parts in Haiti are very hard to come by because this is a popular vehicle for mountain travel. It is a workhorse, and many organizations using them compete for the parts.

"Big Bertha” reached her eleventh birthday this year and has well over 125,00 rugged miles on it. Please help us raise the funds to purchase a new truck so that projects can continue to be completed, and memories made.

To donate please visit our fund riasing site, HERE

The August 2019 Cash Calendar

Get yours by clicking here, then simply fill out the bottom and mail it in with your $10 donation. Good Luck to all participants!

The Giving Tree

Another way to support a child in their education is through the Giving Tree Project. With a donation of $20 a child will receive a mango tree to plant and care for. After five years of care, the trees will begin to produce fruit. This fruit can be eaten or sold - benefiting the child's nutrition and financial ability to attend school. This is a great lesson in investment for the future. In addition, mango trees have very deep roots and will help maintain soil erosion which is a big issue in the Haitian mountains. 

Donors will receive a photo of the child they have supported, with their tree. 

To download the Giving Tree flyer, please click here.  


If you do any shopping online, be sure to add us to your AmazonSmile account! With AmazonSmile you shop the same way and make the same purchases with the same products and prices while also supporting the Haiti Plunge! Whenever you shop on AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to our organization! We appreciate all the support you give us!

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The Matwon Program

HPI recently had a graduation for Matwons, or birthing attendants, in April, 2018. These men and women worked hard to serve their villages by bringing new children into the world safer and healthier. This training program will continue with your help.