Our Mission

The mission of Haiti Plunge, Inc. is to educate, challenge and empower both American and Haitian youth in social, educational and agricultural sustainable development in rural Haiti. The organization is committed to enabling young people to make a difference with their lives and be of service to others.   

The Haiti Plunge
We invite high school and colleage students, teachers, medical professionals, contractors, environmentalists and other adults to take the Plunge.

Join Us

The Haiti Plunge Inc. sends eight teams to Haiti annually. Seventy percent of every team are students, who are responsible for raising all the funds necessary to participate ($1,650). They are assisted by Haiti Plunge staff, medical personnel and various professionals or skilled workers who will teach the population.

The 2016-17 team schedule is:

Dec. 26 – Jan. 4 ’17 (College)
February 17-26 (High School)
March 4-12 (Elms College)*
March 11-19 (MCLA)*
April 14-23 (High School)
May 21 - 30 (College)
June 23 – July 2 ( High School / College )
Aug. 4 – 13 ( High School / College )

Adults may participate on any team if there is available space.

*For the March Teams, HPI has partnered with MCLA and the Elms College for alternative spring break trips. If you are not a student at either of these colleges, and would like to attend, please contact HPI. We are accepting applications for these teams as long as space allows it.

Team members live simply. They share living space, eat simply, and live without running water or electricity. For 10 to 14 days they will be challenged to live a community lifestyle with their team. They must be capable of living in a remote village set deep within the Haitian bush where heat and humidity is often in the 90s. Team members should be flexible/adaptable, enjoy physical work, interact well with their peers, and have leadership qualities.

While the Haiti Plunge is overseen by Sister Eunice Tassone, team members need not belong to any one religion, but should be comfortable with talking about who God (or Allah) is in their life. Eight of the nine villages the Plunge serves are evangelical and God is at the center of their lives.

The Haiti Plunge Inc. takes every precaution for team safety. When the team lands in Haiti, they are met by the Haitian staff at the airport and are transported by the organization’s vehicles directly to their residence in the mountains. Access to medical care, secure shelter and protected food and water supply are provided.

As one volunteer wrote, “I feel so honored and blessed to have had such an opportunity. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can go. It was the people there that affected me more than I could have possibly imagined. Their love, strength, hope, courage, and passion was truly moving and inspiring.”